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Band members
Andy Mück - Vocals Martin Winkler - Guitar Fabian Schwarz - Guitar Alexander Schmidt - Keys Dominik Schwarz - Bass Marc Oppold - Drums

power metal

STORMWITCH is one of the cult-bands of Heavy Metal and granted us such wonderful classics like "Walpurgis Night" (1984), "Tales Of Terror" (1985), "Stronger Than Heaven" (1986), "The Beauty And The Beast" (1988), "Eye Of The Storm" (1990) "War Of The Wizards" (1992) and „Shogun" (1994). During their career the band went through different phases and were considered by their fans as the "Masters Of Black Romantic" which in their hearts they have always remained. With "Shogun" (1994} STORMWITCH recorded their last album before the witch was buried.
But she wasn't granted peace. The band name kept wandering through the metal press pushed forward by the cover versions of WHITE SKULL ("Tears By The Firelight") and HAMMERFALL ("Ravenlord"). The Swedish chart-breaker had singer Andy Mück appear as guest performer at the "Bang Your Head" 1998, further a high-quality best-of-compilation of the first three albums called "Priest Of Evil" was released, accompanied by interviews which even guaranteed the band some title-stories.

At that point, singer Andy Mück concentrated on the realization of a musical. He did recordings for it with guitarist and songwriter Martin Winkler (ex-Nightwolf). Having written the song "Dance With The Witches" for a faithful fan set the ball rolling and Andy thought about a new STORMWITCH album for the first time. Martin and a few friends didn't give up and many songs were composed which easily took up to their old hymns. Soon, a fruitful line-up crystallized out of it in which the often quoted chemistry was right. Marc Oppold (ex-TYRANT) was first choice when picking a drummer, completed by by the two former TYRAN' PACE musicians Alex Schmidt (keyboards) and Fabian Schwarz (guitar) as well as his brother Dominik Schwarz (bass). Martin Winkler recorded the songs in his own studio but for the final mix Achim Köhler (PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM a.o.) was chosen.

"Dance With The Witches" was the first STORMWITCH record after eight years, which documents all facetts of STORMWITCH in a very impressive manner and shows us what we have painfully missed during that periode. STORMWITCH did their first Live show at the italian „Badia Rocks Festival", followed by impressing shows at the „Summer Breeze", „Wacken Open Air" and the legendary „Bang Your Head" club show.

Later the band started to concentrate on the songwriting for their ninth studio album, as well as looking for a new label, which was found in Nuclear Blast Records. „Witchcraft" has all typical STORMWITCH trademarks again, a dark and romantic album with melodies only STORMWITCH can write. Andy Mück is one of the few singers with a personal touch. He has always formed and dominated the sound of STORMWITCH. Just listen to more emotional tracks like „Fallen From God", the incedible title track „Witchcraft" or the beutiful ballade „Sleeping beauty". On the other side there are straight headbangers like the opening hymn „Sinister Child", „Salome" or the mystic „Moonfleet". STORMWITCH are more than back, „Witchcraft" shows once again that the band belongs to the top of the German Heavy Metal scene and that the impression „cult" is made for them!

The witch is alive!!!

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