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Band members
Peter Wagner - Vocals and Bass Victor Smolski - Guitar Mike Terrana - Drums


The Rage story begins way back in 1984 when Avenger first got together. Following the arrival of their debut album, " Prayers of Steel" , and an EP, Avenger changed their name and became Rage, releasing " Reign Of Fear" in 1986. Albums came out at regular intervals, and Rage toured with Running Wild, U.D.O., Motörhead and Saxon in the early Nineties. Their 1992 album release " Trapped" marked their international breakthrough, a temporary highlight being Rage's tour of Japan. Their triumphal march was repeated in 1993 with " Missing Link" , followed by a personnel change. The new line-up recorded " Lingua Mortis" , the first classical album by a German metal act, in 1996.

The material was performed live for the first time in late summer 1996 in Kufstein, Austria. Subsequently, Rage plus orchestra embarked on a celebrated Christmas tour and played several European festivals. Their thirteenth album " XIII" saw the light of day in March 1998, marking not only another highlight in the band's career but also the beginning of a new chapter in their line-up: the subsequent album " Ghosts" was followed by a severe personnel change, resulting in the current Rage team - the strongest one to date -, featuring Peavy, Victor Smolski and Mike Terrana. The trio underwent its baptism of fire at the Wacken Open Air in August 1999, presenting an impressive recording in " Welcome To The Other Side" . Their subsequent releases " Unity" and " Soundchaser" met with equally enthusiastic reactions from press and fans alike, and the tours - with Primal Fear in 2002 and Helloween in 2003 - turned into veritable triumphal marches. Rage are about to celebrate their 20 th anniversary with " From The Cradle To The Stage" , documenting that no Rage line-up was as strong a force on stage as the current one featuring Peavy, Smolski and Terrana. The European tour in November/December 2004 is guaranteed to confirm this impression.

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