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One Man Army And The Undead Quartet Bio

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
Band members
Johan Lindstrand - Vocals Valle Adzic - Bass Marek Dobrowolski - Drums Pekka Kiviaho - Rhythm Guitar Mikael Lagerblad - Lead Guitar

death metal

Summer of 2004, Johan Lindstrand starts to write some music, thinking of doing some shit of his own. The plans are increasing and as the music starts to sound real interesting he decides to put them all on tape. He contacts Valle Adzic of Impious, an old friend to help him out with a demo.It's a deal and they`re starting to record in Valles own Deadline Studio. ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET is a name that have haunted Johan since the beginning of The writing process and as the studio session is coming to an end promotion is made on a brand new homepage. In December 2004 One Man Army and The Undead Quartet is official. 6 songs are recorded for a promo called "When hatred Comes To Life". And so far only Johan is the band and also handling the rhythm guitar along with the mysterious Fredrik Bergqvist on drums until the band has found the right members. Before putting the bass on tape Valle says he wants to try it out and even join the band. As Johan knows Valles guitar skills with his other band Impious there is no hesitation to take him on as they are also friends from before and can get a long very well. 2 members so far. The band needs 5. In the very early stage of the recording Valle also mentioning some kickass lead guitarist that would fit this band perfectly. In one of his diffused drunk memories he has seen him with a local tribute band to Metallica and What he can recall this man has what it takes. Johan contacts this gentleman and asks him if he`s interested. Damn right he is! The dude is asked to do 13 solos on the promo, and in January 2005 they are recorded and sounds exactly what One Man Army is all about. Mikael Lagerblad is now the third member to jump on the boat. During this long recording process an add is put on the website saying that a drummer and a rhythm guitarist is needed. A lot of Americans is contacting Johan saying that they are what he needs, but the problem is that ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET is located in Sweden and also want people from the neighbourhood. A guy named Pekka is answering to Johans prayers, of course during a hangover from hell and saying only - "Hey, I heard you were looking for a guitarist? Well, here I am. I feel like shit right now but here`s a photo of me thrashing the guitar." Hm, sounds interesting and Johan asks him later on if he has something listenable that can show his skills. He has a lot of cool shit as he`s been around the scene for years. The dude can play. This very nice gentleman called Pekka Kiviaho also gets the gig. Johan talks more and more with Pekka and about the drummer situation he mentions that a guy from the thrash/death metal band Reclusion" might be interested. He has known this guy for years and thereforeknows that he`s a cool dude. One day later the drummer contacts Johan himself and asks if he can hear something from the One Man Army demo and after the first song he just says. "Hell yeah!! I wanna be a part of this." Marek Dobrowolski is the last member that joins this metal band. On the 12th of February the band meets up for the first time having a blast together. This band is sure as hell complete!!!

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