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Mystic Prophecy
Band members
R. D. Liapakis - Vocals Martin Albrecht - Bass Gus G. - Guitar Dennis Ekdahl - Drums

power metal

If there's one thing to be said about guitarist Gus G, it's that he's consistent and reliable in his work. The Greek wunderkind emerged from the Euro metal scene a few years ago, and Mystic Prophecy is the third of his bands to rise, the others being Dream Evil and Firewind. Apart from all three featuring Gus, the three bands share more in common. One, all three contain other members from established bands, giving them all the feel of side projects, even though this may not be the case for some or even all of them. Two, and most importantly, the three share the same musical style, that being classic 80's power metal, with somewhat of an American sound rather than the rollicking speed/power sound of many contemporary German bands. No, the three bands aren't clones of each other, but clearly share influences, and will likely share similar fan bases as well. Gus' vocal sidekick here, fellow Greek Dimitri Liapakis, has a strong and steady voice, perfect for power metal, and combined with Gus' predictably fine guitar work and a workmanlike rhythm section, makes this band yet another winner in the Euro metal field.

Mystic Prophecy shows no mercy and continues to unleash the intensity and strength of their previous album "Regressus," which was adored by the press and received immense amounts of positive reviews. By increasing their share in thrash elements, MYSTIC PROPHECY have created and album of harsher and faster tunes, incorporating strong choruses, hooklines, tricky rhythms and fascinating solo's that make their latest offering "Never Ending," a gem in Power Metal history.

The song "Burning Bridges" is a thrashy up-tempo opener track with strong hymnal vocals in the chorus, impending a ravaging strike through transcendent and accustomed guitar work in two tones that hover above solid, continuous double-bass attacks. Then "Time Will Tell" follows, another rapidly aggressive song that eerily frightens one through Lia's vocal deliverance. "Dust Of Evil" is a heaving and melodious song but is soon swept away by the rabid shots of the fast, dominating, and violent "In Hell." "Never Surrender" is a ballad that stands surprisingly in the middle of the album that is responsible for breaking your neck. Double-bass parts and groovy verses change in "Warriors of Lies" with catchy hooklines that culminates into an insistent uproar soothed by a calm whispering part and a mystic female backing voice.

"Never Ending" is musically a lyrical trilogy: A story about a monk that is sentenced to burn at the stake because of heresy. In "Vengeance" the monk takes his revenge to his tormentors by haunting them in their dreams and finally drive them mad, making them kill themselves. All songs in "Regressus" tell little murder storys. The monk incarnates and returns to kill the descendants of his tormentors. In "Never Ending" the monk's revengefulness is finally satisfied, and the four horsemen come for him and tear him into four pieces, burying him at all four cardinal points. But is this really the end of the story? A curse by a god should give him eternal immortality, as he was the soldier who stabbed Jesus nailed to the cross…

Mystic Prophecy can be called an all-star band, as all musicians are well-known in the metal-genre. The popular Greek guitarist Gus G. plays in the Swedish Power Metal band Dream Evil, the Greek Death Metal formation Nightrage, and the US Power Metal band Firewind, drummer Dennis Ekdahl (Raise Hell), bass player Martin Albrecht (Stormwitch), and the rough and strong melodic voice of R. D. Liapakis (Valley`s Eve) is beside the guitar wizardry of Gus G. As Mystic Prophecy's line up is held steady, it`s a band and no side project. They showed strong live-performances on their successful tour with Death Angel, Disbelief, Mnemic and Darkane and Wacken Open Air Festival in 2004.

"Never-Ending" was produced by R. D. Liapakis, who also produced bands like David Chastain, Jack Starr's Guardians of the Flame, Magic Kingdom, Inner Wish and Dungeon. The cover was created by Jan Meininghaus, who also designed the artwork for Brainstorm, Crack up and many more. The new video for the song "Burning Bridges" was shot by Ionnis Nikolaidis from April till June 2004 in Thessaloniki, Greece by the company OBS (which also created a video for Tori Amos) and will be coming your way! "Never Ending" is 80s classic Power Metal with American sound at its best!

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