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Band members
Tilo Wolff - Vocals, Piano and Programming Anne Nurmi - Vocals and Keyboards

pop metal

Lacrimosa's storied career began more than ten years ago in Switzerland with the 7" single Alles Lüge. After sold-out tours throughout Europe, Central and South America, collaborating with the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra and over one million records sold worldwide, Lacrimosa are easily one of the most successful gothic bands on the planet. Despite huge success the world over (including charting 12th on the German charts in 1999 with Elodia), Lacrimosa have never seen a domestic release in North America…

…until now. Fassade not only marks Lacrimosa's North American debut but also is easily their most ambitious effort to date. Bandleaders Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi began working on Fassade in January 2000 - immediately after completing the tour for Elodia. The composing process for the multitude of diverse parts took almost a year, and in January 2001, Wolff and Nurmi began the actual recordings, splitting time between studios in Berlin and Hamburg. Close to five months were spent recording Fassade. The time was needed to fully realize Wolff's and Nurmi's vision of an "infernal symphony," a colorful mix of musicians from backgrounds as diverse as opera, classical, metal, rock and even jazz. The music came alive through the spirit and emotions of each guest musician. The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg was used for the orchestral parts next to a philharmonic orchestra for reaching a more intimate atmosphere. Unconcerned with the progress or stylistic trends of other bands, Lacrimosa have succeeded in defining a new standard in their personal history by keeping their music unique and innovative while sounding like the Lacrimosa fans the world over have come to love.

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