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Shattered Realm Bio

Shattered Realm
Band members
Joe None- Guitar/Vox Chris Rage- Drums Danny- Guitar/Vox Joe Hardcore- Lead Vox Jason Bailey- Bass


New Jersey is known for many things. One of them is their collection of heavy bands. Known for bringing such heavy hardcore bands as Fury of Five, Second to None, Clubber Lang and many many more, New Jersey now brings to you Shattered Realm.

Shattered Realm has been wreaking havoc through-out the tri-state area since they started playing shows in September of 2000. And in that time they have already shared the stage with one of the pioneers of hardcore/metal Stormtroopers of Death, as well as many other bands in the hardcore scene.

Shattered Realm started off with Eric on vocals, Chris on guitar and Danny on drums. Things didnt work out so Eric picked up the bass and things began to roll. A short while later they added Chris Collins to vocals. They played a few shows and soon parted with Danny. They then added Alex to guitar and Al to drums. This was the best lineup to date. Then in December of 2000 Chris Collins and Shattered Realm parted ways and Chris XXX took over singing duties. They have recently added Joe None on second guitar and they have their best and most complete lineup to date.

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