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Kill the Client Bio

Kill the Client
Band members
James Delgado - Bass Chris Andrews - Drums Morgan - Vocals Jdy Roberts - Guitar


The idea to create a southern grind band that would up the ante in American grindcore came about in July 2002, exactly one day after the demise of founding members Chris Andrews and James Delgado's sludge band EOTS. Violent, blistering grind seemed like the only interesting option after wandering the destructive quagmire of slow-as-mud riffs and pummeling sound levels for a few years, learning their instruments and gaining stage experience.

The two immediately enlisted guitarist Stevan Koye as well as Morgan, one of Dallas' most recognized figures of violence and overall destruction on vocals. With the initial lineup intact the band quickly released two self produced CDR demos and at least 1000 of these demos were sold, given away, stolen and traded around the region. The band quickly gained a reputation for laying stages to waste and opening for many of the best touring bands in metal, grind, and doom from around the country with outstanding success.

September 2004 brought the release of the band's first official cd release, "Wage Slave", by a small regional hardcore label called Counterintelligence Recordings. Although the CD received zero formal promotion it was openly received and praised by the grindcore community helping the band immensely. Maximum Rock and Roll called the CD "one of the best grind years". Other reviews called the release "one of the most intense performances ever committed to CD" while others repeatedly drew comparisons to such legendary and respected acts such as Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer and the like.

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