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Band members
Jioti Parcharidis - Vocals Tommy Newton - Guitar Herman Frank - Guitar Fargo Peter Knorn - Bass Fritz Randow - Drums

hard rock
pop metal

Victory hold a prestigious position among the ranks of distinguished hard rock acts. During the Eighties and early Nineties, Victory, alongside their fellow-Hanoverians the Scorpions, were considered the most outstanding German rock export. Top positions in the album charts all over the world, successful tours in Europe and America, plus sensational appearances at reputable festivals ú Victory were everywhere. The band went through various line-ups, the most legendary without doubt including American vocalist Charlie Huhn, who had previously worked with Gary Moore and Ted Nugent. Together with Huhn, they recorded unforgettable cult albums like Victory (1985), DonÃt Get Mad ú Get Even (1986), Hungry Hearts (1987) and ThatÃs Life (1988). Charlie Huhn subsequently returned to the States to join rock heroes Humble Pie, and has been the lead singer in FOGHAT since July 2000. For more information on FOGHAT and their current activities, please see below.
Since that time, in other words for a good 15 years, fans have been demanding a reissue of that illustrious Victory line-up. At last it has happened: Victory have returned with their original team, with the guest appearance of frontman Charlie Huhn, the two unequalled guitarists, Herman Frank and Tommy Newton, founding member and bassist Fargo-Peter Knorn and drummer Fritz Randow (Saxon), who was also part of the band in the Eighties. Their brand-new one-time reunion album is due out in late summer, after the bandÃs one time scheduled appearance at the W:O:A 2003.

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