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Band members
Colin Davis - Guitar Juan Urteaga - Vocals Jack Gibson - Bass Tyson Jupin - Drums

death metal

Almost ten years after releasing their first 3-song demo "Unearthed" onto the American death metal landscape, Vile is poised for relentless attack and will accept nothing but total world domination!

Major U.S. tours with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Cephalic Carnage, Deeds of Flesh; and a hugely successful European headlining tour have solidified Vile's base, and proved their worth to thousands of extreme metal fans. Catch Vile live this year and in 2006! Witness the domination for yourself as Vile drop the bomb on another unsuspecting crowd!

Now in September 2005, Vile will release their third full-length album entitled "The New Age of Chaos". Written and recorded by founding member and death metal producer Colin Davis, it is Vile's most mature and memorable offering to date. "The New Age of Chaos" will surely be deemed one of American extreme metal's brightest offerings and solidify Vile's rightful place among the "Death Metal Elite".

"The New Age of Chaos" is not just more of the same American style underground metal. It contains a mixture of modern extreme metal influences including prominent black metal style melodies as well as Vile's patented pit invoking grooves! "The New Age of Chaos" is a finely crafted musical landscape that takes the listener to a place of uncertainty, a place of inhuman conditions and out-and-out war. A war of civilizations. A war of ideas and extreme ideals. A war that could determine the eventual fate of mankind.

Based on current events and intertwined with horrific fantasy, Vile entertains the idea of a complete and total world war between the West and the terrorists of fundamentalist Islam. Step into the brutal and horrifying present.

Step into the New Age of Chaos!

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