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Eighteen Visions Bio

Eighteen Visions
Band members
James Stephen Hart - vocals Ken William Floyd - guitar Keith Barney - guitar Mick Richard Morris - bass Trevor Dark Baby - drums


Eighteen Visions started out in the fall of '95 with new ideas and music that had not yet been touched by the southern california hardcore scene. The band started out as a four piece and quickly got a fifth member. The first couple of years seemed like more of a trial period for the band as different members were coming and going.

With their current lineup with the exception of one member, Eighteen Visions had high hopes and in December of '97, released their first cd entitled "Lifeless" on life sentence records. The band was hoping to follow up the six song disc with a split 7" with Belgium's Deformity. The whole thing fell through witch left Eighteen Visions on the brink of departure with life sentence records.

After a two week West Coast summer tour, the band was left as a four piece. Hard times were brought upon the band with no new releases and only four members. Many people doubted the band and a breakup was inevitable.

The band quickly came together and was offered to record a full length for Cedargate Records long time friend Zac Phelps. The band recorded ten bonecrushing songs in January and they were released just weeks later. That leads us where we are today...

Eighteen Visions is looking forward to working with Trustkill records and looks to bring you the same dark, hectic and brutal metalic hardcore that it has in the past. Look for the band to record a 7" this summer and a new full length this winter.

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