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Burn Season
Band members
Daimen Starkey - Vocals Bobby Amaru - Drums Kevin Renwick - Guitar Adam Silk - Bass

hard rock

Is this the beginning of the Jacksonville invasion? With everyone from Shinedown, Limp Bizkit, Cold, Yellowcard, Evergreen Terrace and more calling Northern Florida home, is it time to evaluate the impact? Is this the new Seattle?

If Burn Season's debut is any indication, there is more to come…much more. The band was formed in 2001 and was soon the prize catch in a huge major label bidding war. After being courted by just about everyone the band decided on signing with the legendary Elektra records to a rumored "obscenely" large deal. They soon found themselves in the enviable position of cash advances, being in world-class studios and working with A list producers like Bob Marlette and Tim Palmer. All was perfect, but just on the horizon lay a storm. With the swiftness of a biblical plague, Elektra was reduced to dust becoming a vast wasteland with the careers of the band's support team strewn across a bloodless battlefield.

Was it all over before it began?

Before the smoke even cleared, Bieler Bros. Records entered the picture. Realizing the band's talent and untapped material, they swooped in, helped negotiate the rights to 4 songs from the previous Elektra record, put the band in the studio and recorded 8 brand new songs to what would become their self-titled debut CD. "This band clearly had the talent and the songs to be huge. As Elektra folded…this was a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water; decisions were made on budgets and inter office politics, not on music. We know they're a great rock band and if it takes us 3 weeks or 3 years to break them, we're ready!" said label CEO Jason Bieler.

Burn Season now finds themselves label mates with the likes of Skindred, Nonpoint and UK Prog metal giants Sikth; all an eclectic mix of brilliant forward thinking rock bands that have developed the old fashioned way through touring, hard work and credibility. The band is ready to follow suit and take the show on the road.

Burn Season is Damien Starkey on vocals, Kevin Renwick on guitar, Bobby Amaru on drums and vocals and Adam Silk on bass. Having already started the touring process with bands like Skindred, Nonpoint, Sevendust and Papa Roach, they are well on their way to cultivating a huge regional base…well before the CD even hits stores. Fueled by a formula for writing heavy riff driven rock songs with huge hooks and an explosive live show, Burn Season is sure to turn some heads in 2005.

With airplay rapidly growing on their single "Carry On" in West Palm, Orlando, Jacksonville, Madison, Springfield and more, the future looks bright for this young hard rock band. Their self titled debut CD is in stores on Oct 11th with an upcoming tour with label mates Nonpoint shortly thereafter. Burn Season could easily be one of the 2005/06 highlights; only time will tell.

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