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PARABELLUM forges elements of early SAINT VITUS / CROWBAR like sludge with a driving force similar to that of CELTIC FROST along with a dose of chaos reminiscent of the legendary ACID BATH to create a distinctive brand of Swamp Metal. Fueled by the entrancing - chameleon like vocals of frontman Shane Reneaux, the skin crawling riffage of Jeremiah Hatcher and Jason Davis, Todd the Viking's destructive low end and the sledge hammer chops of drummer Ben Poffenberger, PARABELLUM utilizes violent hooks, hypnotic grooves and mind altering blasts of death to deliver a thunderous, blasphemic, subversive message that borders on insanity.....

PARABELLUM was formed in 1995 in Pensacola, Florida (a town known for abortion doctor assassinations, shark attacks, hurricane destruction, and home to championship boxer Roy Jones Jr.) by bassist Todd the Viking. Vocalist Shane Reneaux (ex-DEFIANCE, BLOUNT, DEADWOOD), back from Portland, Oregon, joined the band in 1996 after original singer James Sutton moved to New Orleans. Ben Poffenberger (ex-THE KEEP) took over drumming duties in 1999 when original drummer Dimitri Largious left due to the conflicts of touring. In 2001, PARABELLUM added a second guitarist to the ranks, long time friend and part time roadie, Jason Davis (ex-CONDENSOR), adding the thickness to the sound the group had been striving to achieve. In 2004, Jeremiah Hatcher (ex-ROTFEST) replaced original guitarist Myck McClung, bringing a great stage presence, and adding the boost of energy to the live shows, which the band was pushing for. With the line up solidified, Parabellum is poised to deliver its explosive performance to one and all, and prove this to be the strongest line up to date and a force to be reckoned with.

PARABELLUM recorded its 1st demo, (a 2 song cassette) in late 1996. The 2nd demo, "Parabellum", was recorded and released in 1997, creating a large fan base across the Gulf Coast and in the South. Then, in 1999 the band recorded the third demo, "Ammo" (a 4 song CD) with well known New Orleans producer, Keith Falgout (Acid Bath, Crowbar, Soilent Green, Cephalic Carnage) at Festival Studios. "Ammo" was well received, and sold out during the 2000 Spring tour across the Southeastern U.S., prompting the band to produce another 500 copies for upcoming tour obligations. In 2001 and 2002, PARABELLUM spread over 1800 copies of "Ammo" throughout the Southern United States (from Texas to Virginia). In 2004, Parabellum pre-released 500 copies of the long awaited full length recording on New South Metal Records, titled "Stainless", recorded by Norris Commeaux (DOWN, SUPERJOINT RITUAL), to coincide with the band's Sun N Steel, Florida Metal Fest performance (with TESTIMENT, OBITUARY, M.O.D. and DECIDE). The official "Stainless" release (NSM-CD 01008) arrived in early 2005. This official release boasts guest vocal appearances from Ben Falgoust (SOILENT GREEN, GOATWHORE) and Joe Gaston (BRECCIA, SOULCORE, MUTANT SPEED). This new record, along with extensive touring of the Southern U.S. as well as selected cities and festivals across the U.S., is sure to make some heads turn.

The band's growing reputation has allowed PARABELLUM to play with such acts as CROWBAR, SOILENT GREEN, MASTER, CRISIS, GOATWHORE, KRABATHOR, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, INCANTATION, MONSTROSITY, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MISERY INDEX and NILE among others. PARABELLUM tours the region regularly, spreading the word and its brand of dementia throughout the Southern United States and up the Eastern Coast. The band has been reviewed and interviewed in numerous magazines (including Metal Maniacs, New South Metal Magazine, New Orleans' Paranoize Magazine, Las Vegas' Blowtorch, Underground Alliance Magazine), and was featured on Creative Underground Television and on the CU-TV DVD. Known as fervent supporters of the growing underground Metal scene, PARABELLUM is respected by fans and peers alike.

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