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Band members
Tony Harnell - Vocals Ronni LeTekro - Guitars Diesel Dahl - Drums

hard rock
pop metal

Known internationally as co-founders of the Melodic Hard Rock genre, TNT has been headlining concert festivals and garnering radio airplay around the world for more than 20 years. Active as ever in 2005, All The Way To The Sun is the band's 8th studio album; a proper follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed My Religion. Featuring "Sometimes" - a charting single in Norway - and a clever and unique reworking of the classic Louis Armstrong favorite "What A Wonderful World," the album's 12 tracks run a diverse gamut from mature, introspective pop-rock to heavy and powerful hard rock. Sun sees the Norwegian-American band pushing into a new direction, yet retaining melodies and solos that long-time fans have come to expect and love.

Influenced by Queen and Journey as much as Black Sabbath, The Scorpions, or even The Beatles, TNT has created a unique sound that is at once recognizable. An incredible and unlikely pairing, guitarist Ronni LeTekro and frontman Tony Harnell comprise a powerhouse team in spirit of Plant/Page, Tyler/Perry, or Mercury/May -- a hard rock fan's dream team. Yes, a duo of performers, songwriters, and producers that has produced some of hard rock's classier moments over the past two decades. Backing the LeTekro/Harnell team is long-standing drummer Diesel Dahl, whose grooves remain rock solid and totally in-the-pocket.

After some time apart - in which the members of TNT performed in other successful projects, 2002 brought the full-on band reunion that fans around the world were craving. Following such was the release of Universal Music's The Big Bang; a high charting greatest hits collection that struck gold - literally - and the Give Me A Sign EP from MTM. Realizing that the band was far more than a nostalgia-oriented act, they proceeded to record My Religion, released around the world to rave reviews, which brought high-profile slots at festivals like Sweden Rock, Bang Your Head in Germany and Spain's Lorca Rock Festival. Shortly after this run, original bassist Morty Black departed for other creative pursuits.

Keeping up the prolific nature of the band, All The Way To The Sun - the band's 12th overall release - is packed with sizzling guitar and emotionally driven vocals that soar through your ears like the best candy you've ever tasted. Melody, harmony and big arena energy fill this incredible disc. Bound to be a hard rock classic, Sun acknowledges the roots of hard rock yet brings it into a new era with contemporary style and sophistication.

Ronni LeTekro's guitar playing is a shining star unto itself. Lyrical, imaginative, eclectic and magical. A modern-day wizard known as an icon in the world of hard rock, he can hold one note and make you cry or blaze faster than any human on this earth and still leave you breathless. His rhythm guitar, though often ignored, is equally stunning and important to the TNT sound and his songwriting ability, often overlooked due to his remarkable fingers, is also an important notch on his belt.

Tony Harnell's voice is a rare gift. An inhuman ability channeled into a very human and personal delivery. Clear as a bell, raw as hell and everywhere in between, Tony draws the listener in to his world. Many know of this man's bizarre range that leaps from a whisper to a scream, but it's the subtleties in his voice and his newly found restraint that are most effective. It's not so much the extreme full voice high notes that strike you (and they are some of the best and most powerful in the business), but the power and clarity in his entire instrument. There is a beautiful, almost angelic quality that seems to cut through almost anything. Even when delivering an angry, edgy song, that quality is still prominent. His is a voice you'd recognize anywhere.

However, as with most visionary duos, Ronni and Tony are very different personalities. Like two long lost brothers from opposite sides of the planet, the respect is deep but the polarity sometimes paralyzing -- and that is at the core of what makes TNT so damn original. It's two different worlds coming together to create a new one. Sun was a bit of a test for the two as they only had only a couple of brief face-to-face writing sessions before moving on to the recording process…separately. While Ronni stayed at home in Norway, Tony flew back to New York City. By taking advantage of modern technology, the two were able to finish writing and then move on to recording what many think is the best album of their career. That's getting to be an old cliché for these guys as they continue to surprise and grow with each release. Even after 20-plus years together, the thing that sets Harnell and LeTekro apart from their peers is their consistent desire to create something special.

Simply put: All The Way To The Sun has everything a TNT fan would want, and more. It will bring new fans to the party but also give the long time TNT fans something new to get addicted to. The album will be in stores starting October 2005 -- consider yourself warned about the revolution.

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