heavy metal

Sourvein Bio

Band members
T-Roy - Vocals Vince - Drums Dan - Bass Will - Guitar


With vengeance in their eyes, and fire coursing through their veins, the Southern warriors known as Sourvein have overcome all obstacles to deliver a TRUE DOOM masterpiece to the starving. Sourvein are not new-comers to the heavy music scene. They have been strangling blood from a stone across the Dirty South for over 5 years. Their latest sacrifice: "Will To Mangle" was Produced and recorded by Billy Anderson (EyeHategod, Melvins, High on Fire, Neurosis) in San Francisco. Featuring the bulldozer guitar tone of Liz Buckingham (formerly of 13). Earthquake low end frequencies, strangled desperate vokills (featuring T-Roy formerly of Buzz-oven) , and monstrous, battering drums. SOURVEIN WILL BE DELIVERING THE GOODS LIVE NOV./DEC. AND BEYOND. GET GRIMM

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