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PainmuseuM Bio

Band members
Tim Clayborne - Vocals Mike Chlasciak - Guitars Bobby Jarzombek - Drums

power metal
british metal
hard rock

Metal Mike, a charismatic guitarist who helped Judas Priest singer Rob Halford regain and hold his status as the true Metal God strikes again with a dark horse PainmuseuM.

Bringing Metal Mike's over-the-top guitar assault and influences from early Metallica, Megadeth and Carcass Heartwork-era albums, PainmuseuM with its strange twist is an ultimate ride to the guitar crunch dark side. We are talking about anthemic head banging hell, precisely executed with the help of an ultimate rhythm section of Bobby Jarzombek and Steve DiGiorgio. The mouthpiece for the band is a blonde haired powerdemon Tim Clayborne, who was chosen out of hundreds of applicants for his unique vocal style, dedication and a definite frontman charisma.

Meticulously mixed by Roy Z at his Mountain View Studios, CA, the album delivers a lot of energy, venom and power.

"The album weve recorded is called Metal For Life Battle Hymns For The New Apocalypse and for me it is a super important moment. It has a lot of hunger and is recorded by the worlds four biggest Metal heads. We knew the statement we wanted to make with this album, and that is off pure dedication to the best of what this style of music has to offer. We wanted to show the world that this album, this band, is important," enthuses Metal Mike himself. "I believe in it and Im extremely proud of it. I believe its a great Metal album."

"After the releases with Halford I found myself standing foursquare in the face of a new frontier. The Halford sound is definitely there, but its like taking the Halford sound and dipping it in a tub full of black. We could play it safe and rerecord the last Halford album, same vibe, same sounds, but you know Im thrilled to have worked with Rob Halford and crossing paths with Bruce Dickinson and many others. By doing that, I realized that the only way to really progress is to keep venturing on. I believe PainmuseuM has its own brand of sound and that is pretty amazing for a debut album. You have definite choruses coupled with a serious demonic aggression of sorts. We took the older sounds of Metal and brought them up to age, injected some heroin and kicked it in the balls. All Halford fans will be very, very happy with this album, but so will be the fans of the extreme. Someone called this record a Black Metalized Resurrection album.
While I thought this was pretty humorous, Im not going to say they are wrong. I let the music, once again do the talking," concludes Metal Mike.

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