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Neshamah Bio

Band members
Matt Hoyle - Vocals Ryan van Rensburg - Vocals Jen Roomes - Bass Justin Kruger - Drums Russel Aitkenhead - Guitar


Neshamah is a hardcore band straight outta Cape Town, South Africa. They have 2 releases under their belt: a self released CD "As the Grass Withers So Its Flower Falls" and a EP "In My Heart," which are available from the band. Neshamah has toured South Africa 3 times and played various fests up and down the country as well as a mini tour to the USA in 2001 which included a slot at Cornerstone Fest to play just before Norma Jean, been on national tv a couple of times, and as well on various extreme sports programs and videos and various comps around the globe. The older music has more of a straight up hardcore feel, where as new stuff is more metal influenced but still the old Neshamah feel. Neshamah is not shy about their beliefs and what they stand for, but does not believe in forcing opinions down peoples throats. When you come to a show you come to have fun and rock out. That's what they are about: being real to real people. Hardcore is not only about the music but whats in your heart. Neshamah are sponsored by Showbread Clothing and Metal Machine Tattoos.

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