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Formed and based in Central New Jersey by guitarists Frank and Joe Adamo and long time friend and drummer Collin Bianchi, LEGION began writing and recording demos in their make shift studio in the fall of 1999.

Determined on creating a hard driving, powerful and melodic style, while drawing heavy influence from 70's and early 80's Hard Rock and Metal, the LEGION sound of swashbuckling harmony guitars, driving rhythms, thunderous drums and melodic solos was born...."That was a tight room man, you couldn't move without banging into each others guitar necks, the sound was horrible, really tough to hear, but when we would hit the playback button we knew we had the nucleus of something special." (Frank Adamo)

After recording some demos, and many painful auditions, the guys found lead vocalist Mike Bunk on the web from a site called The Mode. Mike had been playing metal for many years, but had never found a band that sounded like this. "I played in nothing but cover bands before, but these guys had original music that just rocked. Their music really hit the sweet spot!"
(Mike Bunk)

"At first, we played some PURPLE, RAINBOW and some DIO, and we just knew this was the guy. Mike just blew us the fuck away"(Frank Adamo). "We were searching all over the world for a singer like Mike, and here he lived one town over, I thought this must be fate"
(Collin Bianchi)

The last and final piece of the puzzle was the bass slot. At which time LEGION then asked long time friend and fan of the band Nick Marinov to join as bassist. "The guys were looking for a solid bassist, so they invited me down. I knew Frank, Joe and Collin for years and loved the same music they did. So it was just a matter of seeing if all five of us could gel musically, which happened instantly"
(Nick Marinov)

The rest, they say, is history...

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