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Ram-Zet Bio

Band members
Zet - Vocals and Guitar Sfinx - Vocals Sareeta - Vocals and Violin Jon 'Daniel' - Bass Kuth - Drums

symphonic black metal

All Music Guide says "Ram-Zet symbolizes a kind of European belief in metal as a real art, with creative parameters to be acknowledged if not entirely respected." BNR Metal Pages adds "a dark, power metal base augmented by occasional techno/industrial keyboard work, progressive overtones, and enough twists and turns to keep the listener interested." Closing a three-year silence, the band return to the world stage with Intra.
Produced by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, Soilwork), Intra uniquely captures this Norwegian band's highly unique sound. The album's innovative song structures are matched by each musician's passionate performance. Dark yet melodic, Intra still manages to maintain the band's signature aggression that fans have come to adore.

Initially formed as a one-man project in 1998, Ram-Zet was to fulfill the musical vision of noted musician Zet. Recording two albums for Finland's Spinefarm Records (the later released in the US under license to Century Media), a full band was later assembled. Touring would follow - supporting notables Theatre of Tragedy, Borknagar, Finntroll and more.

Ram-Zet currently consists of highly skilled Norwegian musicians with background from The Kovenant, Ã…smegin and For My Pain.

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