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Dr. Chunk Bio

Dr. Chunk
Band members
Eric - guitar
Tighe - vocals
Mikey - drums
Jeff - bass


The story of Dr.Chunk is one of destiny.
Eric (Guitars) and Tighe (Vocals) met in Chico California where they firstattended Chico State University in 1992.

Eric Beard was the veteran guitarist from the dominating Bay Area metal band Xzanthus, who broke up in 1990. Eric, eager to keep with the metal vibe, enlisted good friend, and vocalist, Tighe Wertnz. Together, they recorded a remake of the Xzanthus song Face The Fear in Tighe's basement recording studio. The new chemistry, consisting of old school metal guitars and drums with angry tripped out vocals worked and created what then was the core of Dr.Chunk.

In 1998 Tighe and Eric moved to Southern California. At a local rehearsal studio, they met and befriended bass player Jeff Simpson from the San Diego thrash band Massacre Zer0. When Massacre Zer0 disbanded, Eric and Tighe knew that Jeff would be perfect for Dr.Chunk. And so it was.

The three had amazeing late night jams, and wrote new material with more passion and diversity. Never the less, they needed the right drummer to complete the project. Enter Mikey Niel from the band CAGE.

Mikey had always been a friend and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. After the first jam, the guys knew Mikey was their man!!!

Several Months later Dr.Chunk recorded their first Album at Golden Track Studios in San Diego under the wing of Steve Russell (POD). The album was mastered an Bernie Grunmann Mastering in Hollywood, California.

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