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Bronx Casket Co., The Bio

Bronx Casket Co., The
Band members
Myke Hideous - vocals Jack Frost - guitars D.D. Verni - bass Charlie Calv - keyboards Rob Pallotta - drums

hard rock

Evil has for some time found its home nestled in a dark, secluded lair deep in the back alleys of the Bronx... yes the Bronx. Founded by DD Verni (Overkill) in 1999, Bronx Casket Co has been likened to a more melodic and darker (if that's possible) Type O Negative. But they are much more than that. The band's first two albums received high accolades despite being limited in availability. Signing with Sweden's Regain Records (with Candlelight for the US) early this year, the tarot now finds a positive reading for this macabre bunch.
Hellectric serves up twelve new slabs of hell-fried metal fun from this musical supergroup (the band featuring members of Overkill, Savatage, The Misfits & more). Hard Radio says, "a locked-down, high fidelity performance of songs that, had they been gagged, beatup and discharged, could have hailed from the creepy attics of The Obsessed." Lead track "Little Dead Girls" is brilliantly brought to life by independent film director Lee Lanier; taking you on an amazing animation ride (to a sold out BCC concert of course). It is art for darkness' sake.

Bronx Casket Co are planning to perform in support of Hellectric. Visit their website for regional and national confirmed dates.

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