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Koen Mike Thomas Otto

death metal
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Summer of 1997: the beginning
Detonation started under the name Infernal Dream. The line-up then consisted of Koen Romeijn on Vocals/Guitar, Mike Ferguson on Guitar, and Thomas Kalksma on Drums.

August 1998: bass player found
Otto Schimmelpenninck joins the band on Bass-guitar. The band's name is changed into Detonation and the studio is entered for the 1st time to record 2 songs ("Life in Hell" & "Slaying The Serpent") for the Crushed Skull compilation CD. A month later Detonation do their first gig with Death Metal band Engorge.

January 1999: first release
The Crushed Skull CD is released through Skull Crusher Records. Many gigs are played in the months following this release.

October 1999: MCD "Lost Euphoria" recorded
The band enters the studio to record their 1st official release, a Mini-CD entitled "Lost Euphoria", containing 4 songs. The style shifted away from black metal towards melodic death metal.

January 2000: release "Lost Euphoria"
Lost Euphoria is released through Skull Crusher Records. It is reviewed very positively in magazines. After the release several gigs are played throughout Holland. In October 2000 and the following months Detonation is offered the chance to play about 10 shows as support-act of well-known Dutch Metal band Orphanage.

March 2001: promo CD recorded
The studio is entered again to record 3 new songs to be released as a promo CD meant primarily to get a record deal. Along the way, Detonation's musical style has changed into a more thrashy approach of melodic Death-Metal.

July 2002: first full-lenght album recorded
After playing numerous gigs, which also included Detonation's 1st show outside Holland (Open Hell fest, Czech Republic), Detonation decide to record their debut full-length album, entitled "An Epic Defiance". The album is recorded within 2 weeks at studio Excess, Rotterdam and contains 12 songs of heavy melodic Death/Thrash metal. The artwork is done by Niklas Sundin.

October 2002: offical release "An Epic Defiance"
"An Epic Defiance"; is officially released. Excellent reviews are received.

January 2003: the record deal
Detonation sign a 3-album deal with Osmose Productions from France.

July 2003: first foreign tour
The band travels to the UK for their first "tour", consisting of 3 shows. Osmose releases "An Epic Defiance" on the 19th of June

Oktober 2003: back in the UK
Detonation returns to the UK, this time for 10 shows.

February 2004: first european tour
The first european tour, with Dimension Zero and Immemorial, is a fact. 11 shows troughout Europe are done. Shortly afterwards, Thomas suffers from an arm injury, causing him to take it easy for a while. Fedor Tieleman (M-90's) temporarily replaces him for the upcoming gigs.

December 2004: recording of "Portals to Uphobia"
Thomas' arm injury healed and the band enters the Excess studios to record their second full-lenght "Portals to Uphobia".

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