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The Cythrául Klan vaults have now been emptied, the "Rest Of" ABSU is about to be presented to all. Actually, this collection is titled after a coalesced style of Black and Death metal ABSU invented nearly 15 years ago: Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-
2001. This dual CD/LP anthology consists of rarities, EPs, covers, live and unreleased tracks which were never featuredmon the five releases for Osmose Productions. Included are some discarded gems dating back to the band's earliest songwriting efforts, one of which is the very first EP: The Temples of Offal.
This compilation documents all the phases of the Cythrául Klan and I think this will become somewhat of a treasure among ABSU followers; it's as if you have total admittance to our musical history. I did this for you because ABSU is currently on hiatus, so don't expect a new studio album any time soon.

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