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Band members
Kyle Curtis - Vocals Mitch Lawson - Guitar AJ Morse - Guitar Jim Hagler - Bass Jake Black - Drums

alt metal
punk metal

This is a picture of Liquid Legbone around 1991, the year it all began. What's up with the hair thing? We were just fucking off, as usual. I'm sure a few of us wish we still had that much hair to fuck with. Anyway, this is the oldest photo I could find with all of us in it.

We all lived in good ol' Sidney, a couple of us born and raised there, the other two been there forever. I think we were the only four teenagers in Sidney that shared the same musical taste and played instruments. I had been in heavy metal cover bands in my teens, and then started hanging around Matt and Kyle, who turned me on to alot of punk stuff. Kevin was all about death metal (see the Death shirt he's sportin') but listened to punk and thrash too. Liquid Legbone was Kyle's first band. We kind of just told him " hey man, you're the singer."

So we had all the members, just needed a name. I remember our focus being "try to come up with a name that no one has ever had". Somebody came up with Liquid Legbone and we were like "yes! nobody has that name!" We didn't write any original songs for the first couple of years. Nothing but rockin' on covers of our favorite songs. Lots of Misfits, lots of Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, Motorhead, Bad Religion, 7 Seconds, Body Count, Suicidal Tendencies, The Ramones, Pantera, it was great! Then we wrote our first song. It was called "Rot". Our set was all covers, then one original, then two, then half the set, then all originals. We played an all ages club in Troy called Rebos around this time. Those shows were big!

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