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Mystic Forest
Band members
Stefan Kozak - Vocals and Instruments Claire Guillot - Vocals Baalberith - Lyrics

symphonic black metal
black metal

Grim, yet high-calibre continental Black Metal with neo-classical influences and technically active guitar recitals. Dark and dreamy atmosphere supported by uniquely French instrumentation contributing greatly to the intoxicating density and Francophilic flavor!

A predominantly mid-tempo approach occasionally punctuated by periodic bursts of hyperspeed blastbeat and consistently grim vocals throughout (similar to ABIGOR and early EMPEROR); utterly blackened in a subliminal attack! MYSTIC FOREST's totally hallucinogenic "Romances" album features dynamic songs which are panoramic and cinematic in their evocative quality. There is no other Black Metal band, French or otherwise, that sounds like MYSTIC FOREST; truly distinctive, outstanding cult Underground horde that must be heard to be appreciated!
aka EIKENSKADEN (on Tumult and Oaken Shield Records)

Surrealist Black Metal framed by Chopin interludes! Full-colour 12 page booklet with lyrics included.

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