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Dog Fashion Disco Bio

Dog Fashion Disco
Band members
Todd Smith - vocals
Greg Combs - guitar
Jeff Siegal - keyboards
John Ensminger - drums
Steve Mears - bass


How can you describe the music of Dog Fashion Disco? Imagine yourself in your youthful, innocent past. You are walking through a crowded circus tent, hand in hand with your father. Everything seems so right and in place, from the smell of the animals to the babble of the crowd in the background. You see other children run past you in sheer joy and thrill. You look up at your father and smile. The exhilarating and buoyant circus music pulsates throughout the entire area. You think to yourself, "This is where I want to be for the rest of my life. Safe and secure". Nothing, it seems, could ever go wrong. Suddenly and without warning, screams echo throughout the crowded mass of people. People start trampling over one another, pushing each other out of the way, knocking their friends and loved ones down to escape from some unforeseen terror. Seconds seem like hours. You look around and realize that you are all alone. Staring ahead, you find yourself face to face with something that can never be explained. Nobody can help you from this point on. The sheer madness and brutality that exists from this mysterious element starts to run its course through every part of your body. You think to yourself, "If this is so bad for me, why does it feel so good?". You continue on taking in every note, every sound that it produces until it seems that every cell in your body has reached a full-throttled multiple orgasm. You collapse to the ground in unbridled exhaustion. Whatever you just witnessed has left you as fast as it came. All you know is that you have been forced through some whirlwind of emotion and you'll never be able to define what has just happened. One thing you do know, however, whatever you just heard has left you stripped of all your innocence and inhibitions. Your life has changed. Don't worry though. It's for the better. Just get used to it.

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