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At All Cost
Band members
Grant Anderson Bobby Andrews Andrew Collins Trey Ramirez Mike Theobald


When metal ruled the earth, a record label named COMBAT Records birthed such legendary acts as Venom, Exodus, Megadeth and Dark Angel. And now, with the label recently resurrected, COMBAT welcomes a new member into its family-At All Cost. At All Cost is the missing link between the 'brutal' and the 'beautiful'. Hailing from the music capitol of the world, Austin, Texas, this complex and musically intricate band has enthralled audiences for years with its unique sound and strong work ethic, two ingredients that COMBAT saw as essential for one of their flagship bands. "At All Cost" isn't just a name for these guys, it's a mission statement. Watching as their life's work was shattered by an ill-fated, full-length album on Fiddler Records that would never see the light of day; the band learned early on how to survive in the business. And instead of giving up, they channeled this anger and aggression into creating a new sound that would become synonymous with the band itself. "These guys are truly an anomaly in this business," say the folks at COMBAT. "They always come out swinging. Whether it's in their writing or their performance, they do everything 1000 percent." Fusing the intensity of metal, the energy of rock and roll and the spirit of experimentation, At All Cost finds themselves constantly pushing the boundaries of the saturated metal/hardcore genre. While others bands are triggered by blast beats and breakdowns, At All Cost bring classical guitars, violins, vocoder and synth effects to one of the most danceable records this genre will encounter... literally. It's Time To Decide is At All Cost's complete work; including a beginning a middle and a 'to be continued'.

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