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Neuraxis Bio

Band members
Steven Henry - Guitar Yan Thiel - Bass Robin Milley Guitar Ian Campbell Vocals Tommy McKinnon

melodic death metal

Neuraxis (nü-rak'sis): The axial, unpaired part of the central nervous system in contrast to the paired cerebral hemisphere. "When one gets attacked by such an extreme sound, at once brutal and melodic, the nervous system becomes affected by all means. The neuraxis is the last gate to cross before reaching the state of sensible insanity... Once the spinal cord is under the band's control, one becomes a slave until the pulse ceases." - Stephane Mellul (Brave Concerts Intl.)

NEURAXIS was formed in 1994 in Montreal, Canada. 1996 saw the recording of NEURAXIS's debut album "Imagery" with engineer J-F Dagenais. The 12 songs on "Imagery" reflected the band's early death/grind sound, yet hinted at a melodic style that would continue to develop.

In 2000, the group entered the studio with engineer Yannick St-Amand to record "A Passage Into Forlorn". The album showcased their melodic edge while brutalizing the listener with a progressive and technical approach to extreme-metal. In 2001, NEURAXIS headed out on the road with CEPHALIC CARNAGE and played throughout Quebec, Ontario and the east coast USA.

In 2002, NEURAXIS entered the studio once again with Yannick St-Amand to begin the recording of their third album entitled "Truth Beyond...". In late 2002, "Truth Beyond..." is released by Galy Records throughout Canada. Soon after, NEURAXIS toured Europe with BIRDFLESH and HELLBLAZER and visited over 10 countries.

2004 is now here and sees the re-release of "Imagery" and "A Passage Into Forlorn" on Galy Records throughout Canada. In the US, Willowtip Records will release "Truth Beyond...", "A Passage Into Forlorn" and "Imagery". Both versions contain bonus tracks and multimedia footage. NEURAXIS will begin touring Canada and the US throughout the Spring of 2004... Prepare for the nervous pulse of NEURAXIS!

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