heavy metal


Band members
Mike SOS - Guitars Adam SOS - Vox MkJackson - Bass P.A. Harrison - Drums

hard rock
punk metal

Mike SOS:
Long ago in the primordial ooze of a region that is now called College Point there was a consciousness born from the turmoil of the region. The entity had no name as there was little use for one. The consciousness in time fell dormant and began its self-proclaimed function as ambassador to other consciousness that should arise and make themselves known. A representative to the rock and metal chaos about itself, this consciousness choose to serve as a recorder of events both for the future and for itself. In time and solitude, even the entity itself had forgotten its existence as it patiently waited to be reawakened... until one day...

Mike SOS in his innocent youth had little idea what he was to become in life. The passion that ran through him, as it does most young men on the threshold of enlightenment, at the time was seeking a purpose. It would seek a function unique and essential that it could use as the pivotal cornerstone of all decisions. Stumbling through youth as most of us do, Mike decided it was time to try music and started to play guitar. The earth gave a subtle quake that only a consciousness as old as the stones about him could feel as Mike strummed his first notes. A sigh ran through our beloved consciousness as it rumbled "NOW" and infused itself into our friend Mike's soul.

That day, Mike SOS was reborn. Infused with the rock and metal ore that ran through the very ground he tread, Mike understood his purpose and felt a drive that only millennia of patient waiting could provide. As the ambassador of rock and metal and also the land surrounding him, Mike had set out to make the short time given to him not a pebble in a pond, but a meteor into the ocean.

Quickly, he formed SOS (symbolic to the cry for help from his generation to the world) and to this day has worked relentlessly to make the words of his land heard...

Oh yeah, he's a cool dude too.

Adam SOS:
A romantic poet can spend an eternity in search of the unattainable perfection of emotions such as love and fear only to quit abruptly in frustration or only to die searching. A soldier will fight into eternity in search of peace only to realize in their final hour that peace is not fought for, but only to be awakened within all of us. A leader of men will eventually discover that true purpose is to serve others, no one's self alone.

These statements are only trivial opinions to the great psyche of Adam SOS. A man of the world both globally and intellectually, Adam had searched for a worthy cause for great deal of time throughout his life. After many miles tread and many promising moments failed, our working class hero came upon a fellow visionary, Mike SOS.

A common bond was self-evident the moment they had met as a synergy quickly ran through the both of them. Promising themselves to stick together despite all obstacles, SOS was formed to spread the messages of life to their fellow man.

A tired soul in search of others to confide it, an erratic creative thinker and inventor with no one to inspire, a lover of the world with few admirers, MkJackson had always hoped to find the magic bullet that would answer all enigmas. Convinced that there was no truth and miserable about it, our friend turned like many to the bottle. One lonely night (or early morning) fate decided to give MkJackson a friend that would provide a very promising opportunity to him.

Mike SOS and MkJackson spoke late into the night and became welcome acquaintances. Little communication on a day to day due to the hectic schedules of their young lives, one day a call for help was heard from Mike SOS. MkJackson was determined not to let opportunity to walk away after so many countless moments and months of desperate waiting. Unsure but unafraid, MkJackson decided to help Mike SOS with his group by providing his own flavor of musical talents into the mix.

The chemistry was slow but sure. In time, the sound had provided a glimpse of something rarely seen but always welcome; the humble truth that anyone could enjoy.

Turmoil found in the ever lasting search for a fourth member to this clan of young thinkers, SOS has endured despite many shortcomings as the promise of a better tomorrow is always evident.

P.A. Harrison:
A hired gun brought in by Mike SOS to assist the group in getting its next album up and running, P.A. has provided great alternative ideas as well as inspiring revisions to past works as well. Always ready with welcome opinions and anecdotes, Mr. Harrison has proved to SOS that great things are on the horizon.

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