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Shatraug Corvus

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Thy sinister werewolf kult of Horna was born in 1993 by Shatraug and Moredhel. The hammer of uncreation, Gorthaur, joined in 1994 and the first release "Varjoissa" was created in 1995. Joined by Satanic Warmaster in 1996, Horna set out the course lead by "Hiidentorni" all the way upon the grim splendour of "Sudentaival". After that Warmaster left to concentrate on his own satanazistic ideals with a solo project and the new vocalist Corvus was chosen. Shortly after his joining Horna was offered the first chance to tour over Europe with Taake and Celestia. The current basist Vrasjarn refused to go and he was replaced by Infection.

After the Goat Guts Over Europe tour with Taake and Celestia it was time for another change. A.T.Otava decided to lead his life elsewhere and once again the search for a new lead guitarist begun. During summer 2003 a new dark soul wandered into our knowledge and thus A.T.Otava performed his farewell gig at the Tuska festival in Helsinki, Finland. Afterwards he was replaced by Saturnus, to some known as A. from the old German bands Nordlys, Die Pest and Noctivagus…

Just to correct a few things, personally we feel that the "Haudankylmyyden Mailla" album is not officially a part of Horna. It was done during a difficult struggle with Shatraug surviving a near-death experience and Moredhel leaving the band during the studio session. This album bears nothing but ill memories and Horna will never play any of it's songs live.

Lyrically Horna ventures from harsh and primitive devil worship to a nationalistic, atmospheric and poetic direction - more and more in the veins of our emotions, as reflections of our ideologies and passions. We are still captured by the obscurity of many myths and beliefs but it's mostly from our hearts and heritage that we now write of. Strength through the journey so far...

With Iron Will and a Fist to match it.

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