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In 1994 SIEBENB?RGEN was formed by Marcus Ehlin (guitar, vocals) and Anders Rosdahl (drums). A couple of months later, Fredrik Brockert (bass) joined the band. Following the release of their first and self-titled demo tape in 1996, Linus Ekstr├â┬Âm took on further guitar responsibilites. During the Halloween weekend of 1996, SIEBENB?RGEN recorded their second demo, Ungentum Pharelis. With this demo they landed a contract with NAPALM RECS, and recorded their first Album, in April 1997, entitled Loreia.

In January/February 1998, SIEBENB?RGEN recorded their second album, Grimjaur, released in May of the same year.

Both demos and the band's two first full-length releases featured Lovisa Hallstedt's female vocals and violin prowess. But in 1999 Kicki H├â┬Âijertz replaced Lovisa. The following February, SIEBENB?RGEN entered Six String Studio and recorded their third full-length release, Delictum. This album served as a fresh start for the band, which had suffered major personal problems after the recording of Grimjaur.

Loreia and Grimjaur both made use of Swedish lyrics, but with Delictum, SIEBENB?RGEN broke out of their self-imposed mold by writing most of the lyrics appearing on Delictum in English. However, the themes remained the same. The lyrics continued to depict the creatures of old folklore, brought to life in the shape of dark poetic fairy tales.

In the year 2000, Marcus Ehlin decided to relinquish his guitar playing to focus solely on his vocals. As a result, Richard Bryngelsson joined the line-up. Shortly thereafter, SIEBENB?RGEN began work on new material for their fourth release, Plagued Be Thy Angel, their best release to date.

Following the release of Plagued Be Thy Angel Ekstr├â┬Âm and H├â┬Âjiertz left the band and were replaced by Fredrik Folkare and Turid Walderhaug. Turid was later replaced by Erika Roos in 2003. Niklas Sandin joined the band in late 2004 to replace Fredrik Brockert on bass.

In 2005, Siebenbürgen recorded their fifth album, Darker Designs & Images. The album witnessed the return of Marcus Ehlin's guitar playing capabilities.

Darker Designs & Images takes SIEBENB?RGEN's music one step further. An excellent mix of classic heavy metal and brutal death metal, the album was recorded in Sundown Studios, Sweden.

In the span of over a decade, SIEBENB?RGEN has played innummerable live shows throughout Europe together with the likes of TRISTANIA, GRAVEWORM, BEWITCHED, ANCIENT, EISREGEN, HOLLENTHON, TRAIL OF TEARS and THE SINS OF THY BELOVED to mention but a few. With the upcoming release of their long-awaited follow-up Darker Designs & Images another tour is sure to follow.

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