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Third Degree
Band members
Buddah - Guitar Szymon - Guitar Jungi - Vocals Gonzo - Drums Fazi - Bass


THIRD DEGREE out of Olsztyn (Poland) has been existing non-stop since 1997. For the first years of existence band had been six piece playing strong and solid crust/grind inspired by Disrupt or Extreme Noise Terror. In that time, debut, professionally done release "Oblicza Terroru" (1998) got put out and German tour with swedish GREED took place. Short after that first vinyl single "Fuck 14 88!!!". Two years later time came for split 7" with american HEWHOCORRUPTS on Selfmadegod which was also first contact with the label. 2003 brought discography entitled "Six Years of 666 - Complete Discography" containing all studio recordings + video clip. Band also played short three shows tour "Grind Manifesto" together with ANTIGAMA and PIGNATION, that year. It also closed the chapter with old line-up and in 2004 after six shows tour "The Dying Continues Tour" in Poland together with NEUROPATHIA (Pol) and positive reaction, another split 7", this time with japanese UNHOLY GRAVE (Selfmadegod Records) was released where the band presents completely new face in a style of brutal and agressive metalic grindcore with powerful sound, characteristic for such a bands as Napalm Death or Lock Up.
Continuity of this material is 3way split with Antigama and Herman Rarebell (Selfmadegod Records). Other half of 2004 involved first edition of Merciless East Festival and tour with Dutch BLOOD I BLEED, and also last touches to polish material on the record which was finally recorded on April 2005 in Olsztyn's Studio X, and mixed in ELEPHANT STUDIO. Everything was under watchful eye of Szymon Czech who came back to the band after a year of absence. The closest plans of THIRD DEGREE are OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL in July and in September tour with ANTIGAMA where the bands will play on Giant Of Grind, next to Mesrine, F.U.B.A.R., Mastic Scum.

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