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Camilla Rhodes
Band members
Greg Kepka - Vocals Phil Dugas - Guitar Simon Belzil - Guitar Jade W. Simonetto - Drums Simon Paradis - Bass

death metal

Combining the heavy hitting force of metalcore and ferocity of death metal, Camilla Rhodes has crafted memorable songs that are definitely as catchy as a kick in the face. Tinted with ripping melodies, the band's debut album "Like the word love on the lips of a harlot" will prove that Camilla Rhodes shall become a new force to be reckoned with in the Canadian metal and hardcore scene. Showcasing raw energy and unquestionable talent, this four-piece is a must for fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Dead to Fall and Between the Buried and me.
Formed in 2001, Camilla Rhodes has been making a name for themselves in the Montreal hardcore music-scene. Having spawned from other local bands, the line-up has finally solidified over the last few years. It stands as is; Greg - vocals, Simon - bass, Phil - guitar, Jade - drums. Spending their time playing shows with bands such as; Most Precious Blood, Reach the Sky, The Promise, Taken, Curl Up And Die, Atheretic, Ghoulunatics and Dead To Fall, Camilla Rhodes brings their own brand of beautiful, yet sonically crushing metal to the table. 2005 will see a new beginning for this band with the release of their first album "Like The Word Love on The Lips of a Harlot" , as well as bringing their devastating live show to a town near you. You will have no other choice than to react and respond. MOSH!

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