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Before the name Point Zero/War Of Ages was thought of, the uplifting sounds of Beyond Recognition flowed through the ears of many. Beyond Recognition was formed in the Spring of 2002 by Leroy and Steve. Realizing that more members were needed to create the music they were looking for, they commissioned Rob and Rev who seemed to be a perfect fit for Beyond Recognition.In the Summer of 2003, guitarist Matt joined the band. However, needless to say, because of personal reasons, Beyond Recognition had a falling out. Rev left the band due to uncontrollable circumstances, so they began searching for someone to fill his shoes, and sure enough they acquired Dave.

From the ashes of Beyond Recognition, in the later stages of Summer 2003 through the talents of Leroy, Steve, and Rob mixed with Matt's stylish guitar patterns, and Dave's heart pounding bass licks, Beyond Recognition became Point Zero. Actively trying to make a name for themselves and be heard, they booked tons of shows at many different venues.

After winning the Penn State University Battle of the Bands competition, they figured that they must be doing something right. Once again however, the band incurred some hardships when personal conflicts led Dave to leave the band. So, once again the band was short a bass player. In an effort to get themselves back on track, Point Zero placed advertisements on all kinds of hardcore/metal websites, and sure enough Nate replied to the add. He came all the way from North Carolina just to try out, and after he arrived he was welcomed by the group. Nate moved from NC, which impressed the group immensely because he left his friends and family behind in the pursuit of mBiousic.

Since the acquisition of Nate to Point Zero, they have released their Unite Us All EP and wrapped up their east coast Unite Us All Tour with Showbread, Mortal Treason, The Showdown, and Becoming the Archytype. As soon as they got home Kang joined the band and Matt left. With this change in line up and a record label in the very near distance they changed there name to keep from having lawsutes from other point zero companys and bands.

That is where "War Of Ages" comes in in your face METAL and HARDCORE at its best. Their plans include planning a east/west coast tour for the late spring/early summer of 2005 as well as playing as many shows at as many venues as possible. So, check out War Of Ages unique style of hardcore and melodic metal, shaking music halls and venues all over the place. They urge you to come in and be a part of this new wave of rock and lose yourself in the pits of War Of Ages. See you at the next show! -War Of Ages

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