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Gromm Bio

Band members
Nabath - Vocals Baalberith - Guitars


Apolitical, yet still elite Nordic-influenced, proudly orthodox Black Metal from Ukraina! High-density, high-calibre, yet still 'cult' Blackened and grim Slavonic attack recalling the pioneering best by old IMMORTAL, or early BEHEMOTH (from their 'Sventevith' era); brimming with majestic and melancholy atmosphere with profound longing and vision similar to classic BATHORY and BURZUM. Dynamic instrumentation with grimly emotional and aggressive vocals sung in native language (printed lyrics feature English translations); utterly hypnotic and captivating!

2005 "Official" version of GROMM's debut full-length album "Happiness-- It's When You're Dead..." CD authorized by the band in Ukraina, and now officially released for worldwide distribution by Records! *(The original version of this album was an "unauthorized" release from Ravenheart Productions, Czech Republic; was limited to only 300 copies)

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