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Suicide City
Band members
Jennifer Arroyo - Bass and Vocals AJ Marchetta - Guitar Karl Bernholtz - Lead Vocals Billy Graziadei - Guitar and Vocals Dan Lamagna - Drums

nu metal
alt metal
pop metal

It's not what you might think.. music to listen to with an open mind at it's highest volume or with your headphones cranked... dark, turbulent, romantic, and despair only begin to tell the story.

Who knew that 5 people who share the same passion in music would cross each others paths? Billy Graziadei of Biohazard have been producing bands from many different parts of the world for the past several years. While producing the Groovenics record, Singer Karl Bernholtz and Billy shared many common musical interests and soon Suicide City was born. Suicide City then hooked up with New York based drummer Dan Lamagna and AJ Marchetta. Shortly after, and after talking about working together for many years, Billy joined forces with ex-Kittie bassist Jennifer Arroyo which solidifies SUICIDE CITY.

Stay tuned. You do NOT want to miss this

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