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A Lower Deep
Band members
Billy Mullican - vocals Troy Reid - guitar Tim Umstead - bass Adam Moore drums


A Lower Deep was formed in the year 2000 after more than a decade of frustration and toll on the parts of its individual members. Each member had spent that time diligently perfecting their art and instrument only to meet with disappointment in bands with less than dedicated, unequally talented musicians. As fate would have it just when each had begun to lose heart, they found each other. For vocalist Billy Mullican, guitarist Troy Reid and bassist Tim Umstead, A Lower Deep proved to be the fruition of a long arduous journey and the perfect vehicle to see their shared musical vision fulfilled.

In 2002 the band released their first full-length demo. The recording received praising reviews and began to garner the attention of metal fans world-wide. With little to no promotion and no distribution, this first demo yielded more than 10,000 downloads, thousands of visitors to the A Lower Deep website, and emails from fans around the globe.

In 2004, the band released their second disk entitled "Parable of the Thorn". Boasting vastly improved production, more mature song writing, and brilliant performances, Parable eclipsed the debut in every facet. At the close of the first year of release, Parable had brought in over 80,000 visitors to the website, scores of praising reviews and media attention, a very promising 60,000 songs downloaded across the net, and impressive sales, again with little promotion and distribution.

The following year of 2005, A Lower Deep has been featured on numerous compilations including the prestigious Progpower Festival CD, as well as compilations from record labels and promoters. After a review in the world renown Metal Maniacs, the band finds attention growing steadily.

Now A Lower Deep unleashes its heaviest and most diverse album to date. "Trinity" is marked with colossal steps forward in sound, performances, and song writing. Reviewers and media are raving, and A Lower Deep is ready to strike into the heart of the metal landscape. The band first and always remains true to their own musical souls, and to the hearts and minds of an ever growing loyal fan base. With hopes of great new things to come A Lower Deep is more than ready to let the next chapter begin!

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