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This Antelope Valley quintet began as just Charles Kay: vocals, Chris Barnes: bass and Bob Blanchard: guitars and backing vocals after their old band Kin Cinge broke apart when their old drummer decided to go in a different direction. The three decided it was time for a new approach at music, thus Desolate Chaos was born. So, now with a new name and new sound, the three set out on their quest to be heard. All that was missing was a drummer to complete this enigma but after several months of searching and countless failed auditions the guys were in despair. Would they ever find the perfect drummer? The answer would some come when former Simi Valley local Josh Corey moved to the Antelope Valley in search of serious musicians. When Josh came to audition everything clicked and the guys knew that they could not let him get away. The last piece of the puzzle was found. Bonds quickly formed between the now complete band as their chemistry grew and expanded. Forming songs after one rehearsal together and playing shows within one month of being a band, things were finally going in the right direction for the four musicians. Each song after the last became more intricate and thought provoking as they continued their journey. Almost instantaneously they gained the respect and admiration from their fans and peers alike. On their performance fans were quoted to saying, "When I go to a Desolate Chaos show, I'm not going to see some bullshit with a bunch of guys standing around in one place while the singer just sitts and whines about shit that does not matter. When I go to a DC show I will get EMOTION!!" "They are like Snot reborn, in terms of energy" and "Chaz is a madman, a fucking MADMAN, I can feel the pain and torment coming strait from his soul." On the sound of Desolate Chaos, this is what the fans had to say; "It is something new and fresh, like nu-metal, but it is not exactly nu and it is not exactly metal, it is kind of like a term for something old, I consider it as, how should I put this? The MISSING LINK!!" Now after several months of playing and mixing bullet to the face metal and intricate harmonies, 19 year old Chaz, 17 year old Poo, 23 year old Seco, and 22 year old Josh are looking forward to being heard making people question everything they think they know about life, religion and the human nature, and doing what they do best…playing music.

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