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Sinisthra Bio

Band members
M. Mäkinen - guitar M. Välimäki - guitar T. Vainio - keyboards J. Korkkinen - bass E. Virta - drums


SINISTHRA has been in existence for a good five years by now, formerly operating under the name NEVERGREEN. The band comes from Helsinki Finland. Their brand of music is basically metal, drawing from a widesource of different influences and blending them to a sound that can'treally be compared to any one single band. An apt description would be metal with all the most common metal clichés removed. The members have a long history of playing in various Finnish metal bands, starting from Protected Illusion who caused quite a stir in the thrash metal circuitin the early 90's, and most recently with Amorphis. Their musical past is not forgotten but it's not heavily present in their sound, either.

The name SINISTHRA derives from the italian word sinistra, meaning "the left side" and representing the allegory of creativity, femininity,individuality and general free thinking pathways of the Left Hand,without the hollow "satanic" or any other religious connotations. Thelyrics steer clear of the most commonly used themes and phrases and focus heavily on more personal and intimate subjects. Sinisthra is all about contrasts, frail yet crushing, sad yet content, silent but roaring. Melancholy without utter despair. Darkness tinged with light. The only dogma is never to acknowledge musical boundaries, and never to use the words "love" and "death" in the lyrics..

With the release of their first full lenght album entitled " Last Of The Stories Of Long Past Glories" SINISTHRA hopes to move further on along the road they've chosen and welcomes the option to finally bring their music to larger audiences. The road has been long and winding but this is only the beginning.

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