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Deadbird Bio

Band members
Chuck - Guitar and Voclas Todd - Bass Phillip - Drums and Vocals Alan - Guitar and Vocals


Deadbird was born in the winter of 2002 out of a shed in downtown Fayetteville, AR. Formed by brothers Chuck (guitar, vocals) and Phillip (drums, vocals), Alan (guitar, vocals) joined shortly thereafter. At least a year passed without anyone to take on the bass position. Concentration on weight through volume and tone was and still is very much a large part of the focus of the unit. Using doom, punk, black and traditional metal as the initial palette, they began building songs emphasizing the use of atmosphere to express the general feeling of hopelessness, anger, despair, and back around the cycle again to hope. Hope in expression and creation in the midst of the self-induced undoing of the human species that is growing more acute as each day passes. Their jam room sits right behind the bar strip in Fayetteville and alcohol (Evan and Jim in particular) definitely played a part in these initial writing sessions. The band began playing shows locally and also traveled to Little Rock, opening for their brothers in Rwake, Shitfire, and Medea.

By the fall of 2003, enough material was assembled for the first record and studio time was booked at the Listen Laboratory with local engineer wizard Dwight Chalmers. It was decided months before recording commenced that the band intended to make a proper album versus a demo quality recording. They spent over a month on and off in the studio, finally finishing what came to be called The Head and the Heart in December. The band continued to play shows, traveling to Shreveport, Tulsa, Jackson, TN and the Rebel Heart Fest in Cullman, AL while waiting for the self released CD to come back from the printing press.

In May of 2004, Todd joined Deadbird on bass guitar, finally filling out the much needed low end devastation that they had been searching for. In less than a month of Todd joining, the band headed out on their first real road trip. Playing Shreveport, New Orleans, and then all the way to Wilmington, NC to play Weedeater's Swampfest.

In August of the same year, the band was contacted by Codebreaker Records (a relatively new label formed out of the ashes of Rage of Achilles) expressing interest in re-releasing The Head and the Heart as well as the second Deadbird record. With all new artwork and an improved mastering job, The Head and the Heart will be re-released in March of 2005. The band is now in the process of booking as many shows/tours as possible while also writing for the next record, with the goal being to spread the music as far as they possibly can.

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