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There is very little hope left, in a time where music is motivated by money rather than emotion and image plays a bigger part than music itself. Derge is a band from Santa Rosa, CA that wants to cut through all the bullshit that's going on with music today. We are a live band. We feel music. We do not give a shit about websites and bullshit like that. We stand for music, because it is all we have. We do not play for the money, women or fame. All we want is to spread our message and play music until we grow old, or die.

We speak about what's happening around us today. About values such as living before you die, and friendship. Derge is much more than just a band. The music that we play is a soundtrack to a way of life, a life that we want to live. Our friends and fans understand this and that's why they are just as big a part of it as we are.

We need to wake up and move past the depression and anger that's going on out there today. Things are going to have to change. It's time to reinvent a world gone wrong, a world where people are scared to be themselves. We are here to shed light into a revolution. Derge is coming...

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