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Day Of Contempt
Band members
benjamin coyte - vocals daniel smith - bass/vocals tommy d - guitar simon o'gorman - guitar joel bourne - drums


Born seven years ago Day of Contempt has survived a life that should only lead to ruin. Taking the thorn in its side and pushing it deeper, Day of Contempt embraces every moment. It screams through the band's music, echoes through its lyrics, and leaves audiences gasping for breath like its their last. Surviving birth in Adelaide, Australia to a barely breathing hardcore scene, the odds were definitely against them. This, combined with several member changes and a heavy touring schedule, should have taken its toll, but it didn't. Instead, Day of Contempt began to thrive, completing their lineup with two close friends from New Zealand. They continued to push further.

Then five and a half years old with 2 CDs, countless punk, metal, and hardcore support and headlining tours behind them, Day of Contempt left home shores for 3 months to take it to the US, UK, Europe, and Japan.

After making it back to Australia, touring it twice, and returning to Japan this time with Good Charlotte, Day of Contempt were left with the choice of stalling or changing something drastic. So in mid 2004 they parted ways with their former home and reestablished themselves in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.

Six months have passed, and Day of Contempt is quickly gaining momentum, this time on the opposing side of the Pacific Ocean. Arriving with little more than guitars and hopes, they started building things from the ground up. Instead of breaking them, it has fueled new songs, forged new friendships, and strengthened their resolve to keep pushing.

There is something about Day of Contempt that is spreading further and faster, with every show and every tour. Now on the verge of a new record the pace is quickening, and for Day of Contempt the future will be nothing short of explosive.

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