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Heavy and percussive music is what defines SAYOWA, which came to prove that it's possible to explore the variations of heavy music in a unique way. The band has just recorded its first album, with songs that explore the energy of rock music by joining low tuned guitars with the huge heaviness of "tambores" (drums) and percussions.

"SAYOWA" means "brother" in Akawaio, the language of an indigenous tribe from the north of Brazil.

SAYOWA's debut on stage was on the FreakshowFestival, which took place in a famous club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in late 2002. In March 2003, in Rio de Janeiro and may 2004, in Granada and Barcerlona, the band played as the support act for Sepultura, one of the most respected bands of this genre in the world. Even the Sepultura members were impressed by the band for their pulsing energy of the music.

In the beginning of 2004, Billy Graziadei, singer and guitarist for Biohazard, remixed one of SAYOWA's songs in his studio in New York, which will be on the band's debut album. In April of the same year, Andreas Kisser, guitar player for Sepultura, recorded participations in three SAYOWA songs that will also be on the debut album.

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