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Hoods Bio

Band members
Ben Garcia -Vocals Mike Hood - Guitar Whiteboy Ben - Drums Nicole the Greek - Guitar Nate Vicious - Bass


HOODS are a Hardcore institution. The band formed in Sacramento,CA over 10 years ago and have spent that time building a legacy that will outlast the fakes and pretenders that have infiltrated HC. The band has released several albums and EPs with several labels, but in 2005 chose Eulogy to be their home.

Hoods are constantly on the road having shared the stage with all of the major HC bands that have come and gone over the past years. The new Hoods lineup has already crossed the U.S. playing the new material.

The King is Dead is a call to arms for all of those who have grown tired watching Hardcore be exploited and bastardized. Hoods have used their ten years of experience to craft one of the most brutal and honest releases of 2005. Without question this is the band's best material to date and is sure to ring true with fans of Terror, Hatebreed, and Madball.

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