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WE have now signed a one album contract with Cruz Del Sur Music. Another Italian label!!!! Good God! Save me from the olive tree death!! WE start recording on June 12th. The new album will be called "Atavism" , if you don't know what that means look it up in the dicionary. WE were gonna call it"Draglord slayer of the immortal destiny sword" but Germans have the exclusive rights to all those good English words right now----and we also figured that would be too generic. The album cover art will not feature a dragon or a starwolf like the last one, but I'm sure someone will find another way to make it look very silly. We will also be embarking on another of our European mini-tours again in spetemeber, so ladies look out!! We're going the whole way Greece this time, we'll also be hitting Belgum and Ireland for the first time. So far there's only one show in Germany though, that's in Itzehoe, right outside of Hamburg. The itinerary will be posted on this page in the near future. As for the USA, sister band, Hammers of Misfortune, featuring Myself and John Cobbett will be embarking on a full on US tour in July/August. We'll hit almost every major city and lots of smaller ones in between, so check out the Tonedeaf Touring website, or go to for the schedule, and I'll see you at the gig nearest you!! As for slough feg in the US, maybe we'll see you in 2005. Otherwise, its the same old crapola---I am sad to say that my thinning hair problem, which was featured on the last Euro tour in 2002, has only gotten worse, and has been promoted to a full on bald spot. I have tried to remedy this Klaus Meinien catastrophe with the over-the-counter wonder drug Monoxadil---but no results have been aparent yet. There will be a monthly progress report on this matter, hopefully with some revelaing photos. Can an ageing rocker stay young and hip looking without reverting expensive and embarrassing hairplugs? Staytuned for the next thrilling episode...............

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