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Voyager Bio

Band members
Daniel Estrin - Vocals & keyboards Emanuel Rudnicki - Guitar Mark De Vattimo - Guitar Melissa Fiocco - Bass Geoff Callaghan - Drums & Percussion

melodic death metal
power metal

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, VOYAGER transgress the boundaries of metal music, thereby creating a unique atmosphere of unforgettable melodies, heaviness, virtuosity and entertainment. The sonic voyage guides the listener through emotions, landscapes and distant tales, which ultimately form a truly intense audio experience.

VOYAGER's music is an extremely diverse venture, with melody and structure always being at the top of the priority list. Be it power, gothic, dark or even black metal music which the songs draw inspiration from, the end result is always a unique and tasteful interpretation. Virtuosity, neo-classicism, atmosphere and grooves are just some key terms which describe VOYAGER's style of metal.

In 1999 the town at the end of the world witnessed the conception of VOYAGER by three Antipodeans: Adam Lovkis (drums), Mark Baker (keyboards) and Danny M. Estrin (vox/guitar). As Western Australia's first Melodic/Power Metal band, VOYAGER engaged the services of guitar wizard Mark DeVattimo, whose talent had already been witnessed in the highly successful KISS tribute band KariSSma. Sadly, Mark's entrance was followed by Mark Baker's departure, forcing Danny to resume keyboard duties, retrospectively a wise decision. VOYAGER developed out of its original power metal shell and conceived its own trademark style, which was soon complemented with the addition of chief shredder Emanuel Rudnicki on guitar. After a highly successful first show in 2000, VOYAGER's presence impacted largely on the local music scene, which at that point was dominated by death and black metal bands. After several gigs, Adam Lovkis decided to leave the band and pursue extra-musical interests, which left the drummer position to be subsequently filled by Geoff Calaghan, whose intense drumming was just what the band needed. Several shows in the new lineup made the band undoubtedly the most popular live metal Act in town. Midway through 2001, by coincidence, a bass player was found in Jenna Graeig, who brought the finishing touch to the band's soundscape. Later on she was replaced by current member Melissa Fiocco. And so the five elements of Melissa Fiocco raise the anchor and journey towards new horizons.

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