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Axenstar Bio

Band members
Thomas Eriksson - Lead and Rhythm Guitar,Backing vocals Magnus Eriksson - Vocals and Keyboards Pontus Jansson - Drums Magnus Ek - Bass and Backing Vocals Peter Johansson - Rhythm and Lead Guitar


The Swedish Heavy Metal act Axenstar was formed by Peter Johansson (guitar) and Magnus Ek (bass) as a Metal-cover band in 1998.The only release Powerage did was a tribute to Iron Maiden. "Hallowed be thy name" was recorded and appears on "Made in Scandinavia" Cd.
In March 2000 Powerage entered Studio Underground in Västerås (Sweden) to record their first demo Cd "The Beginning". The demo got excellent reviews in the Swedish Metal press.
Two new songs were recorded in January 2001, ``Confess Thy Sins'' and ``Seventh Labyrinth''. In March 2001 they changed their name to Axenstar.
In August 2001 the band once again entered the studio, this time in Studio Sutare for the recording of a new demo, simply called "Promo 2001". Three songs were recorded this time. Axenstar played a number of gigs since the demo was released, the biggest gig so far was the one at Motala Metal Festival in 2002.
Axenstar decided to sign with Arise Records and the band entered Studio Underground in February 2002 for the recording of their debut album . ``Perpetual Twilight'' was released on 7.10.2002.Axenstar also recorded a cover version of the Helloween song ``Twilight of the Gods'' which appeared on the tribute album The Keepers Of Jericho Part II.
The band played numerous gigs in Sweden and Axenstar also played at Sweden Rock Festival in June 2003.
In 2003, Axenstar also presented their second album "Far From Heaven". In January 2004 the band supported Falconer across Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia & Italy)

In Febrary 2005, a new album entitled "The Inquisition" is recorded, once again the band used Underground Studios for the recording/mixing and Peter In De Betou for the mastering. This time Toxic Angel (Sonata Arctica, C.O.B) painted the cover. Be ready for a new fantastic melodic Power Metal album.

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