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Melbourne, Australia's subtlety-free Destroyer 666 originated as a one-man black metal project from the imaginatively named K.K. Warslut (a.k.a. Keith Destroyer, formerly of pioneering Ozzie Satanists Bestial Warlust). Following 1995's solo-recorded Violence is the Prince of this World, additional members Shrapnel (guitar), Bullet Eater (bass, a.k.a. Phil Gresik, of Hobb's Angel of Death and Bestial Warlust fame), and Ballistic Howitzer (drums) filled out the band's ranks for 1997's sophomore Unchain the Wolves, by which time Destroyer 666 had also adopted the clever slogan: 'Australian and Antichrist.' Three years passed before the band finalized their third album, Phoenix Rising, which brought punchier thrash and death metal elements to the mix, and greatly heightened their profile, being their first international release via the Season of Mist label. The same was true of 2002's Cold Steel...for an Iron Age, but, after the next year's Terror Abraxas EP, Destroyer 666 seemed to lose a little steam, and have yet to record again.

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