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Andy - Vocals Mass - Guitar/Vocals Garth - Drums Paul - Guitar Dan - Bass/Vocals


Despite their ties to the incestuous Anathema/Cradle Of Filth/My Dying Bride family tree, and their geographic origins, West Yorkshire Extreme Metal act NAILED bare little resemblance to predecessors who have hailed from the same fertile Northern breeding ground. Instead their sound draws influences from the Florida and Swedish Death Metal scenes, whilst also accepting the baton from British grind forefathers Napalm Death and Carcass. In the 21st century, with extreme metal at last enjoying a resurgence, NAILED are in a healthy position.

Coming together in the summer of 2000, NAILED was formed following the disintegration of West Yorkshire Black Metal hopefuls In Dying Grace. Exiled from In Dying Grace, drummer Garth Wray, guitarist Phil Rayner and vocalist John Robson set about pursuing a direction that aligned itself more with the Death Metal scene. Joining this embryonic line-up was guitarist/vocalist Mass Firth, formerly of Blasphemer/Dominion (Peaceville Records) and briefly Ebony Lake (Cacophonous). After several months of searching the quartet recruited bassist Simon Watson, and for the first time could begin writing new material. Such stability was short lived, John departed in November 2000, the resulting hasty search led to Andy Whittaker accepting the microphone: formerly with Metal core band Orphiacus, Andy had also contributed vocals to a doom metal project Sweet Sorrow with Rayner.

With a completed line-up, and intensive rehearsals, the resulting momentum carrying them straight into the studio to record first demo 'Every Possible Ugliness' at the end of January 2001. Then, in late July the band were selected to appear on the bill at Wakefield's Clarence Park festival, at this moment in time Yorkshires longest running free music festival. With well over 1000 people in attendance NAILED took to the stage,and earned a standing ovation when they signed off with a cover of Obituarys 'Chopped In Half'. The band capitalised on the subsequent increase in interest by undertaking further dates, before bowing out at the end of the year opening for NILE.

The band then entered Phonic Twist studios in April of 2002 to record their second Demo CD "Calculated Acts Of Murder". The five tracks on display showcased a more technical edge. Towards the end of 2002 the band concentrated on penning new material, that would see them heading into heavier territory than at any previous point in their existence. The likes of 'International Sex Slave Trade' even highlighting a Grindcore influence.

The rest of 2003 saw the band touring 'Calculated Acts Of Murder' in earnest, and included support slots with AREA 54 (Casket Music) and UNSANCTUM (Cacophonous), whilst an exclusive live version of the previously unreleased 'Scorpio' appeared on the compilation. Throughout 2004 the band have consolidated their reputation as a devastating live act by gigging further afield, firstly headlining The Battle Of Britain heats in London, and subsequently heading over to Northern Ireland for dates with Gore-fiends PUTREFY, and a support slot with Swedish Thrash titans THE HAUNTED.

Now, 2005 has so far seen NAILED play highly successful support slots with NILE and DYING FETUS, and a first full UK tour with VISCERAL BLEEDING and CONDEMNED. This is to coincide with the release of their debut full length album through Casket Music in June. 'A Pure World Is A Dead World' will finally showcase the current line-up's prowess. Upon its release expect to hear a stirring in the underground as NAILED prepare to wreak havoc.

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