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Laruso Bio

Band members
Jason Abel - vocals Darren Smith - guitar Carl Bown - guitar Simon Hills - bass Max Williams - drums


Laruso - yes, it is all here.

If your father played you Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath from an early age and bought you your first guitar when you were six, then you would probably go on to form something as good as Laruso.

As vocalist Jason screams 'I can't stand this so Bring It On!' on the opening song of their debut album, 'Bring It On', you realise this music is based on instinct, not logic. Laruso are driven by the need to escape and the need to create their own drug.

Confessing that they are probably pre-programmed to play guitar, Laruso have created an accessible blend of fat riffs, great grooves and soaring vocals. The sound is not confined to the recording studio either; Laruso put on an incredible live show, showcasing their superior musicianship and their almost symbiotic relationship. You HAVE to see this band.

Bring it on.

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