heavy metal

Caldwell Bio

Band members
Randy Baublis - Vocals Gary Marschka - Guitar/Vocals Jordan Leake - Guitar/Vocals Tim Hughes - Bass Ryan Russell - Drums


How would you like to have all your favorite genres of music packed into one energetically charged onslaught of sound? Panama City's own Caldwell just might be the answer to your prayers. Since their establishment in the early months of 2003, Caldwell has brought to the music scene an innovative mix of the finest punk, emo, hardcore, and metal. The band's effort to put together a recording solely on their own terms finally paid off in the fall of 2003 with the release of a four song self-titled demo/EP. That "self-titled" recording, along with their extremely vivid live performance, gained Caldwell the chance to share the stage with many of music's finest (Across Five Aprils, As I Lay Dying, Calico System, The Judas Cradle) and a hometown fan base not to be rivaled. There is absolutely no underestimating what the future holds for these five guys as they prepare to awe the country while touring this upcoming year.

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